Michelle is not your normal Recruiter

“Michelle is not your normal Recruiter, she is excellent. She cares for both the role within the business and you, and most importantly making sure you are both right for each other.

She isn’t pushy and cocky which is one of the things I hate about most Recruiters. She is kind and friendly and has a fantastic telephone manner. When she found me my new job, I wasn’t necessarily looking for the role; she phoned about the role and charmed with her friendly telephone manner. She was keen to find out about whether the skills I had were correct for the role and whether the job role was right for me.

She organised everything for me always made sure to follow-up after any contact. I even made a mention in the interview to tell my new employer how great Michelle was and how usually I dislike Recruiters, but she is the only one I would deal with now and if ever in the future”.

P.D. – London

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