Are you struggling to find high-calibre candidates for your sales vacancy? Can you afford to spend hours sifting through CV after CV?

Salespeople are a Special Breed

At KME Specialist Recruitment Consultants, we appreciate how difficult it can be to find great Salespeople that fit your business.

Due to our industry expertise, we can explore and understand the particular requirements you have in sales recruitment, your typical Recruitment Agency cannot provide this understanding. Salespeople are a special breed, and every salesperson is different, and an agency must understand precisely the type of individual you are seeking.

By utilising our services, we will provide you with high-calibre Sales candidates and an exceptional Recruitment experience.

We take a thorough approach to screening all our clients and candidates, ensuring that we understand both parties expectations to recruit only the highest calibre candidate. As experts in the sector, we can also represent your company in the best light.

We would like you to feel we’re your recruitment business partner, not just another Recruitment Agency.

We will take the time to understand your business, its’ culture, how your sales team operates, your objectives and the working environment. Helping recruit the ideal candidate to grow your business, and more importantly, a candidate that will want to build their career with you.

Targeted Recruitment

Fewer, yet quality CVs, saving time and money.

We will not bombard you with the CV’s of candidates who don’t match your requirements. We may send you fewer CV’s than other agencies; however, you can rely on those CV’s being from quality candidates.

We believe in honest and open recruitment and aim to provide our clients with an excellent customer service. If we say we’ll ring you back at a particular time, then we will! If we feel your remuneration package won’t attract the right calibre of person, we will tell you.

You require great salespeople, we can help.

We have access to thousands of sales candidates actively looking for their next sales role.

We not only help you find the right candidate for your vacancy, we also provide you with the tools to create a solid and profitable sales team.

Top 20 Tips – FREE

For Building a Successful Sales Team

Are you planning to start a recruitment process but unsure where to begin? Don’t worry. We are here to help you with that. As a part of our commitment to providing recruitment assistance, we have compiled a list of essential tips that will be helpful to you.

The best part is that our tips are completely free!

We want to ensure you have all the resources you need to succeed in your recruitment and gain the most from your recruits.

Start your recruitment process today with our expert tips and guidance.

Free Top 20 Tips for Ensuring Your Sales Team are Generating Maximum Revenue

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The Top 20 Tips
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Services we provide

As a specialist Sales Recruitment Agency, we can offer a unique proposition for our clients by providing Sales Training, a Sales Audit, Role and Candidate Profiling, Sales Consultancy, and even an Interim Sales Director. These services ensure that our clients perform at maximum profitability.

It is ALL about sales and we are committed to delivering highly effective services that gain RESULTS. These services will help companies get the most from their Sales team and increase their sales revenue.

Sales Training

  • Are you struggling to find time to invest in your sales team?
  • Can you see the benefits of investing in your sales team?
  • Do you want guaranteed results?

Sales Consultancy

  • Is it time you reviewed your sales processes?
  • Does your induction programme needed to be revamped?
  • Do you want improved sales performance?

Role and Candidate Profiling

  • Do you require help analysing the role requirements?
  • Do you wish you knew a candidate would be a good fit?
  • Do you wish you could go beyond the CV?

Interim Sales Director

  • Do you need an expert to develop your sales team?
  • Would you like to put your sales team in safe hands whilst you take a break?
  • Are you between sale managers/directors?

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