Sales Consultancy

See how our Sales Consultants can help:

We can provide a range of consultancy services and work with business owners, Sales Directors and Boards to ensure maximum sales performance.

It is sensible, even advisable, to get independent, un-blinkered feedback on your sales processes, team etc. Someone that doesn’t work for you, to challenge your thinking, play devil’s advocate and hold people accountable.

More and more companies are utilising consultancy services such as ours to analyse and offer improvements to their own sales processes.

Regular projects include:

  • Sales Strategy Creation/Development – includes planning, implementation, individual action planning,
  • Pipeline Development – often includes CRM system reviews, implementation and training,
  • Change Planning (Sales) – change management and execution,
  • Interviewing Potential Sales People – alongside or on behalf of clients,
  • Creating Induction Programme/Material for New Sales People.
  • Sales and Sales Process Audit – analyse your sales systems, staffing processes to ensure you are getting the most effective results. 


Here are just a few of the recommendations that KME Sales Consultancy has received:
I would recommend --

‘that anybody interested in progressing either their abilities or that of their staff speak with KME Sales Consultancy.’



KME has a rare --

‘understanding of the sales process. Making sense of sales contact and functions, the KME team takes the day to day essentials and develops good behaviours.’


The real skill comes --

‘when you realise that by following KME’s methods and practices, you are landing bigger deals and becoming a more and more important cog in your customers’ business. That is where KME does so well.’


Not only is the KME’s --

‘consultant a natural-born Sales Professional, but they also have the rare gift of being able to coax and develop those skills from people with varied and disparate backgrounds. the KME consultant communicates his knowledge with warm and infectious enthusiasm and develops the skills required for high achievers.’


If you are looking for --

‘a new-business generation, a different mindset, self-belief or just simply a refresh, you will not regret using their expertise.’


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