A lot of people underestimate the power of their online profile. Given how easy it is to find A LOT about someone on social media should we be paying more attention to what we post?

Social media allows us to broadcast our lives (warts and all), however, be warned, potential employers and business partners could be watching you!

I ALWAYS review a candidate’s social media profile (LinkedIn and Facebook) before considering their application. How many of do the same?

Here’s a few quick tips to ensuring your profile is social media friendly:
  1. Keep it employer friendly – consider your audience by watching what you say and what pictures you post. If you just can’t help yourself though then remember to make your profile/posts private. However, the best way is just to not post anything that you wouldn’t want your boss to see.
  2. Keep the selfies to a minimum – apparently 58% of people wouldn’t hire someone with a selfie as their LinkedIn profile picture. Would you?
  3. Don’t take your eye off the ball once you’ve been employed  – employers regularly check their employees activity, especially if they ring in to say they’re off sick!
  4. Never underestimate the power of social media!!!!
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