Colin was 18 months old when he went to the launderette with his grandmother. He had been eyeing up the stuffed toys sitting in a nearby toy machine – the ones with a big claw.

Seizing his opportunity when his grandmother’s back was turned, little Colin climbed into the toy machine to claim his teddy of choice. When his grandmother turned around, she could see Colin’s legs wiggling through the bottom of the vending machine – the bit where the teddies are meant to come out!

How many times as entrepreneurs do the things that we want the most seem unattainable to us?

It’s so easy to list all of the reasons why we can’t have or do something and before we know it, we’ve given up. That new car, that luxury family holiday, that dream house – they’re all on the “If only…” back burner. But not with a bit of Colin…

With a bit of Colin you’re not bound by the obstacles that your comfort zone tells you can’t be overcome. With a bit of Colin you see possibilities and opportunities that are invisible to lesser mortals bound by ‘normal’ constraints.

That’s why I’m getting in touch with my inner Colin this week as I make my big decisions – because my business (and my life and the lives of my family) will be markedly better as a result.