A Senior Operations Manager with over 35 years’ experience within business operations environments is seeking a new opportunity.

He is an accomplished Manager in the development and deployment of project strategies and staff utilisation resulting in enhanced profitability. He ensures that the company strategy is geared for success, ensuring that business performance is consistently heading in a positive direction. He is a strong leader and relationship builder with clients, partners, suppliers, and staff members, intimately attached with the innermost workings of all facets of the business. He is a trusted people-person with a dependable reputation of delivering year-on-year direction and performance, a consistent trajectory of growth.

Some of his recent successes include:
• Turning around a loss-making store (£8,000 per month) with no Site Manager; after 12 months he had it making a profit for the first time in four years;
• Reducing stock holding by £120k (40%) after introducing a weekly purchasing budget; stock turn less than two weeks sales.

He is available immediately for the right opportunity. Contact Us to find out how this individual can add maximum value to your business.

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