Healthcare Industry

How KME has helped in the Healthcare Sector

Since January 2020 KME Specialist Recruitment Consultants have worked closely with the founder and CEO of a national mental health staffing solutions provider to support his business throughout this challenging period.

The healthcare group CEO is a great entrepreneur and has over 20 years of experience within the healthcare sector. Despite Covid-19, we have had several discussions around taking advantage of the opportunities to arise because of the pandemic and how we can work in partnership to build him an experienced salesforce. The CEO very much believes in putting people first and building, nurturing, and developing people to become strong leaders.


Given that several healthcare companies have unfortunately made many salespeople redundant due to the change in demand for products/services. We both felt that it was the perfect time to take advantage of high-calibre candidates seeking work, who would not otherwise be available.

Unlike some Managers, the CEO believes in capitalising on access to great calibre salespeople in the job market, rather than waiting for a vacancy to arise. As I explain to many hiring Managers, a good salesperson will always pay for themselves. Given our confidence in sourcing such individuals for our clients, their risk and business remain minimal. Once great people are on board and trained, challenged, and engaged, they can nurture and develop them to build a strong sales team.

Expansion Plans

Discussions have also focused on the increased demand for permanent Clinicians and therefore expanding the business to include permanent staffing solutions, rather than just temporary employees as per their current business model. KME advised on the processes, systems, and differences this type of recruitment has and its impact on its cash flow.


KME also advised on marketing strategies and the increased need for social media engagement due to the higher usage of such platforms. Anyone who does not use social media is missing out on a fantastic, and often free marketing strategy. We advised on what platforms we felt would work best for the business and the best mix of media to attract and retain a loyal audience and improve its online visibility and engagement, becoming ever-more crucial in the current business climate. Without an online presence, companies will fall by the wayside during these times, and it is no good just posting now and then, consistency is crucial and will always bring great results.

Since February 2020, we have placed seven great salespeople with this company I know will have a tremendous impact. We are excited to see where this group will go. It is undoubtedly a case of watch this space, and with KME’s help, we will build the ‘great sales army’ that this CEO has requested.

If you operate in the healthcare sector and want to utilise our expert advice and knowledge to expand your sales workforce, then we are more than happy to partner you in onboarding the industry’s best talent.