IT and Technology

The IT and technology industries exploded at the start of Covid-19, but what will happen to them after the Pandemic?

Covid-19 has dramatically affected many industries, with many struggling, but others see an increase in demand. The technology industry is at the forefront of these, with both positive and negative effects. There was a significant increase in remote working from the start of the Pandemic, which meant that IT and technology companies were engaged to set up technologies to enable this.

Software and video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts and WhatsApp Video Call have become essential. All these tools have helped business people stay in touch due to the requirement to reduce physical contact. These sectors have also blossomed due to the critical part the internet and technology companies are now playing to help us stay safe and communicate with family, retailers, doctors, and other vital services.

Lockdown Partners

Since March 2020, when the lockdown became inevitable to combat the Pandemic, we have partnered with several IT and technology companies across the South West. Their products and services have seen a massive increase in demand.

From June 2020, we worked closely with a Bristol-based IT company to help them to recruit five new 2nd and 3rd Line Engineers to meet the growing demand for their services. These types of roles are generally not within our remit; however, as an existing client of ours, we understood their business well and following thorough conversations, we were happy to help where we could. We engaged actively in the company’s request. The five Engineers were sourced, interviewed, and employed over three months, enabling our client to continue delivering their excellent customer service and maintain their trusted reputation.

Client Recommendation

It was lovely to receive this recommendation from our client following these placements: 

We can honestly say we have not been disappointed following engaging with KME. Michelle has only put forward fully screened candidates that match our brief and that she feels match our company, we have taken on all those interviewed. We are very pleased with the service we have received from KME and would highly recommend’.

New Opportunities

We also sourced a great Business Development Manager for the same company in February 2021. Due to sustained growth in demand, they are now seeking to increase their sales function and further develop their software side.

It will be exciting to follow and be part of this company’s journey and see how it evolves and adapts to the changing climate. With excellent industry foresight, the Sales and Marketing Director and the other directors have established a solid business foundation and a perfect strategy for moving the business forward during the current climate. They have identified new and upcoming opportunities and have put the resources in place to exploit these before their competitors do.

As mentioned previously, many opportunities have opened within the IT industry due to the Pandemic such as the growing need for 5th Generation (5G) technology which will help.

If you are an IT or technology company looking to expand your workforce, then we are more than happy to employ our expert knowledge and partner you in onboarding the industry’s best talent.