If you are, then let us help you. We provide services for every business’s sales needs including the provision of hi

gh-calibre sales candidates, sales training, sales auditing, interview services and role profiling to ensure you gain the right individual for your vacancy. We don’t need to be on your PSL and we don’t want exclusivity – we want to show you that our expert knowledge and experience will ensure your sales team is successful and thus your revenue grows. 

We are not mainstream recruiters, we are specialists in sales. Therefore, we won’t bombard you with lots of CVs, we won’t put candidates in front of you for the sake of filling interview slots and we don’t mislead candidates. We make sure the right individuals are put in front of you the first time around saving you huge long-term recruitment fees (plus we don’t charge ridiculous fees!).

We are good, honest Consultants who believe that finding quality salespeople for your business is about integrity, accountability and hard work. Visit our website: www.kmerecruitment.com or get in touch with the team on 01392 344924 to find out how recruitment can be done without the bull and for a no-obligation discussion.