1. NEW YEAR, NEW CV! Just like you may be thinking of a new health kick or gym membership this January, don’t avoid the same service for your CV..After all this is what reaches the eyes of hiring managers before you physically do. (Of course, feel free to hit the gym in the meantime so you are in the best shape when you do interview!) Why not take a look at our CV writing tips: https://lnkd.in/gytwTXh

2. STAY AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION: It seems simple but never underestimate your interview preparation. Research the organization. This will help you answer questions and stand out from less-prepared candidates.

3. AVOID DELAYS: A lot of candidates feel they can hold off on making a final decision in hope of another opportunity that may or may not be round the corner. Hiring managers lose confidence with candidates or withdraw offers all together simply due candidates delaying their decision.

4. SMILE: Remember to wear a smile. A smile can be a powerful tool at a first meeting. Even if you feel nervous, make sure you smile because it will make you come across as friendly and relaxed

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